Appointment Setting

Your Own World Class Outsourced Appointment Setter

Our Appointment Setting specialists are your secret weapon in outbound marketing.

Our experienced appointment setters can take full control of your outbound marketing. They’ll work within your business to contact your clients, focussing purely on generating you new business leads. Your Pandr will set up appointments for business consultation sessions, one-on-one meetings, or on-site demonstrations.

Our appointment setters help free up your time, and enable your customer service teams to focus on sales and customer liaison. They’ll qualify your leads for you too, by gauging your customer’s level of interest over the phone and ensuring they’re actually interested in working with your company prior to your meeting. We enable you to avoid sales calls that don’t generate business for your company.

And if you operate outside of normal business hours, then so do we. Our appointment setting specialists are available to work the business hours that suit you.

What a Pandr can do for you:

  • Place outbound calls to generate appointments for your business, or receive inbound calls to close the loop on your marketing
  • Take full control of your appointment-scheduling and provide you or the team with regular updates so you know what’s going on
  • Coordinate email contact with clients to schedule, organise, and confirm appointments or meetings
  • Create, schedule and manage qualified lead funnels to help you grow your business

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Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

“One Of The Best Business Decisions I’ve Ever Made”

Working with Pandr has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve delegated all the repetitive tasks that we’re taking up my time which has allowed me to go from earning $8,000 a month to $8,000 a week in 6 months.

David K

Director, Lead Gen Guys

“I Can Finally Spend More Time With My Wife And Kids”

I never pictured business to be this easy. I can finally spend more time with my wife and kids without worrying if things get done in my business. Pandr is a must for any small business owner, my only regret is I didn’t find them sooner.

Steve W

Director, Clean Power Co

“I Slashed My Work Hours, And Doubled Productivity”

I stumbled upon Pandr two months ago, and my business has never been the same. After hiring my first staff member to tackle my admin, I was able to slash my working hours in half, and double my productivity for the important things.

Tom B

Managing Director, Loke Global

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