Customer Service

Your Own World Class Outsourced Admin Support Provider

Your customer service team are your customer’s first point of contact for your business, so it’s important that they’re representing your business professionally.

A Pandr Customer Service specialist goes a step beyond that. Each of our talent are highly-trained, highly-motivated and highly experienced in providing top-notch customer service support, so you’re guaranteed to have a specialist who understands and cares about showing your customers the right face, or voice, for your business.

Each business has its own unique challenges to tackle, so our specialists employ a personalised, empathetic approach to your customers. After all, there’s nothing worse for a business than rude customer service, so we’ll help you avoid this altogether.

Each of our Pandr Customer Service team are fluent in English and familiar with Australian culture, so they’ll understand your business, your service and the best way to communicate with your customers.

What a Pandr can do for you:

  • Provide a professional and welcoming voice for your business’s customer support
  • Deliver customer help desk support, including complaints resolution and issue escalation
  • Handle any inbound or outbound customer support calls you need them to

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Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

“One Of The Best Business Decisions I’ve Ever Made”

Working with Pandr has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve delegated all the repetitive tasks that we’re taking up my time which has allowed me to go from earning $8,000 a month to $8,000 a week in 6 months.

David K

Director, Lead Gen Guys

“I Can Finally Spend More Time With My Wife And Kids”

I never pictured business to be this easy. I can finally spend more time with my wife and kids without worrying if things get done in my business. Pandr is a must for any small business owner, my only regret is I didn’t find them sooner.

Steve W

Director, Clean Power Co

“I Slashed My Work Hours, And Doubled Productivity”

I stumbled upon Pandr two months ago, and my business has never been the same. After hiring my first staff member to tackle my admin, I was able to slash my working hours in half, and double my productivity for the important things.

Tom B

Managing Director, Loke Global

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