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Do What You Do Best, And We’ll Do The Rest…

Get matched with a Pandr team member who knows you by name and understands your business and it’s needs.

We makes it easy to request, onboard and manage your new team members and scale as you go.

Customer Support

I need a customer support person or team to provide excellent support to my customers and prospects

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Admin Support

I need an administrative support person or team to perform repetitive day-to-day tasks in my business

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Finance Support

I need a skilled bookkeeper or accountant to take care of reconciliation, payroll, BAS’s and other day-to-day tasks

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Why Our Service Is Different From Everything Else Out There…

Our ‘A Player Only’ Hiring Process Ensures You Work With Only The Best Talent Available

Most outsourcing companies just hire any staff who are available so they can expand their business faster and make more money, at the expense of their clients… At Pandr, we know this person needs to be the right addition to your team. We won’t settle for mediocre staff.

We only hire the best talent available. We pride ourselves with hiring only A Players in our company. An “A player” is a high performer who is in the top 10% of talent available, we identify these people using a well-respected hiring method used by companies like IBM & Coca Cola.

Customize Your Perfect Staffing Solution And Get The Most Out Of Your Talent

If you want to be successful with onboarding new talent, and getting people to give their best performance while working with you, then you should learn how to outsource and delegate effectively. We do everything we can to make that as easy as possible…

When you start working with us, we’ll go through a comprehensive onboarding and training process so you start outsourcing effectively right away… and so that your talent will get things done right, the first time and every time.

It’s Possible For You To Work With The Best Talent At A Fraction Of Aussie Salaries

The Pandr Australia headquarters are in Melbourne, but the staff office is located in Legazpi, Philippines. This means you get hard-working, helpful and skilled talent working for your business at an extremely low cost.

Hiring our top talented professionals costs a fraction of what it costs you right now, and you can add more team members whenever you want…It’s just like having an HR team next door, you pay as you grow and add more talent to your team whenever you need it. Need it quickly? We get work comes in fast and you need to move fast.

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Sound fair? Then give us a try today, you literally have nothing to lose…

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Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

“One Of The Best Business Decisions I’ve Ever Made”

Working with Pandr has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve delegated all the repetitive tasks that we’re taking up my time which has allowed me to go from earning $8,000 a month to $8,000 a week in 6 months.

David K

Director, Lead Gen Guys

“I Can Finally Spend More Time With My Wife And Kids”

I never pictured business to be this easy. I can finally spend more time with my wife and kids without worrying if things get done in my business. Pandr is a must for any small business owner, my only regret is I didn’t find them sooner.

Steve W

Director, Clean Power Co

“I Slashed My Work Hours, And Doubled Productivity”

I stumbled upon Pandr two months ago, and my business has never been the same. After hiring my first staff member to tackle my admin, I was able to slash my working hours in half, and double my productivity for the important things.

Tom B
Managing Director, Loke Global

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