Sales Support

Your Own World Class Outsourced Administrative Support

Your sales team are the driving force behind your business growth, so it’s important to have a professional and knowledgeable team representing your brand. At Pandr, we provide world-class outsourced sales support services to help you achieve your sales targets.

Our sales support specialists are highly trained, motivated, and experienced in providing top-notch sales support, so you’re guaranteed to have a specialist who understands and cares about showing your customers the right approach for your business.

We understand that each business has its own unique approach, so our specialists are presentable and trained to be well aware of each company’s policies and procedures. We work to understand your business and services to provide the best possible communication with your customers.

Our sales support team members are fluent in English and familiar with Australian culture, so you can trust that we’ll provide the right voice and face for your business. Avoid the risk of losing customers due to ineffective sales support and let Pandr be your partner for success.


What Pandr Can Do For You


Ensure a smooth sales process and maximize the sales of services or goods offered by your company or business.


Handle any inbound or outbound sales support, from answering customer inquiries to closing deals, to generating and following up on sales leads.


Provide customized solutions and sales approach based on your customers' unique needs and preferences.

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